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MyService is an app for Jehovah's Witnesses that helps organizing field service information.

  • Record time in field ministry.
  • Record the number of magazines, books, and brochures placed.
  • Record return visits and Bible studies.
  • Keep track of placed publications.
  • Manage your territories.
  • Generate various reports.
  • Record credit time, such as RBC, part-time Bethel work, and schools.

May 12, 2015

You may have noticed that I removed the donations part from the website. This is because you have kindly donated enough for me to keep the site running and keep paying for the website hosting services for many years.

Thank you all for the support you have shown!

January 5, 2015

This release restores the ability to install MyService on Windows using a setup program. I am sorry for the inconveniences the previous release (delivered as a ZIP file) caused to some of you!

Also, now the desktop version works in the same way as the Android app in terms of counting Bible students in reports. So, from now on both app versions count any person as a Bible student if at least one visit marked as a Bible study was made to that person in the particular month, regardless of the person's status.

And one small addition - there is now a button on every report window that allows you to copy the entire report text to the system's clipboard. This should simplify pasting the report text into text editors and other apps.

December 18, 2014

I have received many questions about recording Bible studies in MyService. Apparently, it was not so obvious before. Now I have made it simpler.

Previously, if you wanted to see a Bible study in your reports, you had to 1) define a person, 2) set that person's status to "Bible student", and 3) record at least one call to that person, marking this call as a "Bible study".

I just released an updated version of the Android app where step 2 is no longer required. So, all persons with whom you have had Bible studies in a particular month or year, will be counted as Bible studies in that month's/year's report, regardless of their status.

I hope this will simplify the usage of MyService and make it more intuitive!

Currently, this change has been made only to the Android app. The desktop version will be updated some time later.

December 10, 2014

A new release of the desktop application is out! Here is an overview of the changes.

First of all, reports are no longer generated as PDF files. They are now displayed as plain text within a text box. Why the change? The PDF generation library that I used has changed its license terms, which means that I am no longer allowed to use it in closed-code applications. Also, many users experienced problems with reports in PDF format. And one more thing. Some of you asked for the ability to change the report font and text size, as well as the ability to send reports via email. Now you can simply copy the report text and do whatever you want with it, like copy into an email or paste into some kind of word processor where you can change its font, color, and size. It is a much simpler, but also more flexible approach.

There is also one new cool feature. Now you can see all visits of individual contacts (like it is in the Android app). Simply select a contact from a list and then click the button.

And now the last main thing. MyService for Windows is no longer delivered as a setup installer. It is now a simple ZIP file. Please read the installation and upgrade instructions.

I hope you like it!

July 15, 2014

Both the desktop and Android versions of the app have been updated. Here are the main changes:

In both apps, the Brochures/tracts field is split into two separate fields, and the Videos field is added for those serving in sign language congregations. This is reflected in the reports, too.

Also, in the Android app, the Ministry Details window has received a face lift. It now looks nicer and should be more intuitive to use.

Additionally, in the desktop app, the offline help is replaced with an online help and the help button is added to several windows.

As always, I am open to your suggestions and comments!

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